Amazon Takes Off!!

22448671_10211930119782519_3740613510118492801_nBrit-Eames-Thies has done an amazing job alongside her Mother Tricia at building, maintaining & delivering this epic Amazon registry. Read her story below & donate via the link in our donations page here

I haven’t had a moment to come up for air since this registry caught fire (literally), and I owe you all an update on the incredible thing you’re doing.

To date:
9,772 registry views
563 people have shared our story on PopSugar
806 purchases have been made
100+ purchases are in the air to Sonoma County as I type (sorry USPS!)

I lost count of the items about 24 hours ago, so I’ll have to total them when our team does the inventory tomorrow night, but believe me when I say that THE NUMBERS ARE ASTOUNDING AND SO ARE YOU! Right now, we need canned o2 (sounds odd, but with air quality as poor as it is, people can become faint), catheter bags, girls’ underwear, men’s extra-large underwear, plastic tubs, batteries, sweat pants, sweat shirts, plates, napkins.

Y’all are spreading mercy like flame and it’s really, truly amazing.




Via Facebook

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