CALIFORNIA, YOU ARE AMAZING. The community truly stepped up to the plate this week. Donations, hot meals & endless tireless volunteers surrounded this community in an incredible way. With the overwhelming amount of donation based support we received this weekend we are not be able to receive donations tomorrow. Allow time for shelters & distribution centers to account for all the resources they have received. We encourage individuals with items to donate to; sort them with scrutiny, discard any used items & if possible hold onto them for the time being. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, fires are still burning, evacuations notices are still coming. We must be prepared & the best way to do that is to acknowledge what we have & what we need.

If you have clothing to donate: look into Salvation Army, Thrift Stores, Goodwill & St. Vincent DePaul, these centers are set up to sort/distribute mass quantities & most are giving clothing to any evacuees at no charge.

If you have food to donate: check out you local food bank. Santa Rosa Redwood Empire Food Bank is providing for a large number of evacuees and the community at large. Fire stations & shelters have been inundated, give them a few days to process & allow organized channels to distribute food. Reach out to local pantries, shelters & restaurants if you are passionate about participating.

If you want to donate camping supplies: Call/canvas local campsites & KOA’s to see if they are housing any evacuees you can provide for. Check out fire stations as well.

If you want to donate medical supplies: The elderly evacuees have the most urgant need for medical supplies, those need change daily. Do your research, make phone calls, ask questions. Many local hotels are housing entire retirement communities.

If you have baby/kids items to donate: Many independent children’s clothing stores are maintaining a donation based clothing exchange. As schools get back in session on Monday check with your local school & assess their students needs.

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We must take the time to get the right resources to the right people at the right time. Not all supplies are good or even needed especially to an individual who just lost any personal space they had to store their possessions.

Donate your time. Many shelters have stopped accepting donations because they have received so many so fast & simply lack the hands to efficiently sort & distribute items. Lend a hand, clean a kitchen, run an errand.

Storage, storage, storage. Now is the time to get even more organized & prepare to distribute what we can to displaced individuals when they are ready. SOCO Fire Relief is currently seeking the donation of personal or business storage space for a temporary time period to fulfill/distribute evacuee wish lists properly.


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we love you california.

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